Stoney Cove after Lockdown


Stoney Cove after Lockdown Wednesday 17th June.  Day one at Stoney Cove.  Don’t know how long Stoney was effected by the lockdown, but if the footballers can claim 100 days for dramatic effect, then so can I… So on day one after 100 days of lockdown, Nick & I were…


BSAC Swimming Pool Guidance on activities

swimming pool

BSAC Swimming Pool Guidance The use of swimming pools is a key component for diver training in the UK. Now is the time to look ahead and plan for the easing of restrictions to allow access to facilities. Over the last few weeks, BSAC has been working closely with Swim…


Phased Return to Safe Diving Activities

BSAC publishes guidance for a phased return to safe diving activities BSAC has released guidance to help members and the wider diving community prepare for a safe return to diving. A new website section – Safe Return to Diving – is now live on Working with other stakeholders including…


Decompression Sickness a personal experience

Hyperbaric Chamber for DCI Treatment

Decompression Sickness The following was written by an Instructor who, at first hand, had the unfortunate experience of a “Bend” and Decompression Sickness. As a Open Water Scuba Instructor, I know that anxiety and stress are things to look out for in my students, not just specifically about the diving…


Snorkel diver course February – March 2020

Snorkel diver course February – March 2020 This weekend has seen 3 snorkellers completing the Snorkel diver course in the pool  with their final assessment scenarios, which included instructing their buddy in SEEDS with an exercise that included various type of water entry and exit recovering an object from the…


Twinset Skill Developement Course 2020 SISAC BSAC 0833


Twinset Skill Developement Course 2020 I am sure there quiet a few divers out there, I was one, who decided twin cylinders were for them and kitted up. Having watched others who use twins sort of got a grasp of how to dive them. Oh so little did I know.…


Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019

Alex Barrett

Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019 We saw a number of newly Qualified BSAC Divers through 2019 and also some divers from other agencies join and crossover to BSAC. Compared to previous history St Ives Sub Aqua Club in 2019 has been very sucessful at attracting new members. Some who are…


Equipment Focus – The Snorkel


Equipment Focus – The Snorkel The humble snorkel is often a discarded piece of kit by divers and considered a very simple bit of equipment. In it’s basic ‘J’ shape that certainly isn’t difficult to believe but there is actually quite a lot involved with designing and developing a snorkel,…


Photography of Stoney Cove late 2019

Photograhy at Stoney Cove

Photography of Stoney Cove late 2019 Diving first started here around 1960 and as the sport gained popularity Stoney Cove was developed into the amazing underwater adventure park it is today. Much work has taken place to keep Stoney Cove at the forefront of diver training and it is recognised…


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019 SISAC are keen to spread the word of SCUBA Diving, the personal pleasures it brings and the challenges some face. The result, we think, are happy students and dedicated members of SISAC. This year we have qualified and certified 13 members to Ocean Diver and…