Mary Rose is a carrack-type warship of the English Tudor navy

mary rose

Mary Rose Visit I have for sometime wanted to visit the Mary Rose which is now housed at the Portsmouth Dockyard in a purpose built museum.  On Sunday 15 March 2015, Sarah and I visited the dockyards, in particular the Mary Rose Exhibition, but also the Victory and the Victory…


Which Dive Computer should I buy?

Which Dive Computer should I buy? A question which comes up time and time again, Which Dive Computer should I buy? Having just qualified as an Ocean Diver, which computer should I buy. Should I buy the same as my instructor? Instructors are told to lead by example. Students are…


Cold Water Diving

COLD WATER DIVING (WINTER DIVING) Several recommendations regarding safe Cold Water Diving during winter. Don’t leave the regulators in the car overnight. Ideally, don’t leave cylinders in the cold overnight either. Keep regulators dry prior to use. (Use good air – dry). When testing kit before entering the water, don’t…