First sea dives

By Anna P. I’ve been asked to write up my first sea dives. As I’m quite a new diver, I want to give other new divers an idea of what diving with the club is like. My experience of my first times in the sea and what you might expect. …


Last Gasp – Take 2

Wrecks of Mull 2021 So, the looming end of the dive season, winter fast approaching, how ‘bloody depressing’. So what to do. Paul Y has the perfect answer, a repeat of his 2020 trip to dive the Wrecks of Mull – The Last Gasp – Take 2!!! The Wrecks of…


September – Three days diving Plymouth

A weekend for Sports Divers and above, wreck diving in Plymouth. This would allow us to dive some of the more interesting sites, and expand the experience of those that had progressed from Ocean Diver. St Ives Sub-Aqua Club had booked a weekend diving in Plymouth for September 2021 during…


Shetland Diving – a little adventure.

Shetland Diving

Like many who had trips planned for 2020, our Shetland Diving trip was deferred due to the Covid 19 crisis. It was deferred until June 2021, originally booked it in February 2019. So it was a long time coming!  The Shetland Diving trip was a little bit of an adventure…


Diving Plymouth

Bovisand, with Discovery Divers is a firm favourite. In recent years the trips have been for Ocean Divers. This Diving Plymouth trip, was for Sports Divers. With a number of more interesting sites planned in the 30m depth range. Because everyone had put the work in since diving had resumed…


Diving Stoney Cove.

An introduction to Diving Stoney Cove, the clubs most popular local inland site. Stoney Cove is one of the two ‘local’ dive sites regularly used by the St Ives Sub-Aqua Club for diver training and general diving. Stoney Cove has good general services. These include; A shop Equipment Servicing Equipment…


SISAC 2022 Dive Trips

Calm Morning Sound of Mull

The SISAC 2021 Dive Trips calendar is set out below. These are the dive trips the branch has booked so far for the coming year (2021). There may be additions or changes later in the year.
Full details of each trip, booking details and booking rules are contained in the members forum area. Please log in for further information.


Sound of Mull Dive SCUBA Diving Expedition SISAC 0833

Pelican Sound of Mull

Or “The Last Gasp” of 2020 The Sound of Mull, or “Last Gasp”, October 2020, is the last trip SISAC ran in 2020. The last opportunity for a diving before the season ends due to deteriorating weather. This was a last gasp attempt to get some diving after the disruption…


SISAC Awards and Trophies

Diver of the Year Award

The St Ives Sub Aqua club has three SISAC Awards and Trophies, these are, the Diver of the Year, the Member of the Year and the Photography Award. They are awarded annually, normally at the AGM or Christmas party.