Bezz Williams

Bezz WilliamsBezz Williams

My Introduction to diving.

My interest in the underwater world is probably similar to many divers of my age group. Watching Jacque Cousteau and Hans and Lotte Hass on TV. Seeing all the different marine life and adventures whilst diving in exotic oceans. I never ever envisaging that it was something I would be able to do.

I lived in my youth six miles from the sea and again never thought that it was something that was available to me or that there were facilities for me to do it. Not having the funds at that time nor could I swim, the water frightened me after a minor in water incident.

I taught myself to swim while working in Gibraltar in the early 70’s. I never knew about being able to dive at that.

Diving, First Steps

Having never been abroad for a warm holiday or swimming in cold water a trip to Kenya on safari. This included a weeks stay in Mombasa. We decided it would be good if we could snorkel whilst on holiday and enjoy the warm water.

Having not done this before we looked for someone who could teach us how to do this properly and safely. We found a BSAC club in Bedford.

After a few sessions we were ready for the holiday, so we did our Safari, had a great time snorkelling whilst at the resort,  and as is usually the case try dives were on offer in the hotel pool, I went along and had a go, and the next day etc.

On returning home, unknown to me my wife signed me up for a diving course which was at that time the first level being Novice One, with a BSAC training centre called Andark, in Southampton,  from there I was hooked.

Having moved to the Cambridge area with my work. I couldn’t get further away from the sea if we tried and a time lag in my diver training

I found a Local Club on an RAF base, and started from scratch in 1996 which continued my training.

Joining SISAC

The St Ives Sub Aqua Club (SISAC) has taken me through to the various grades to  Dive Leader. Latterly I was supported to obtain Open Water Instructor (OWI) qualifications and to my current qualifications as an Advanced Diver.

I dive in the UK and in the warmer waters of the Caribbean, Maldives and the Mediterranean Red sea, as well as inland lakes for keeping up skills and training divers from basic level and above

In 2016 I was elected Chairman of SISAC and within that role I was keen to keep the club in a situation so we can continue to promote diving and to ensure we can bring in new members as well as ensuring that existing members can advance their skills and qualifications and continue to dive in locations around the UK

I recently elected to stand down from the Chairmanship and became the Diving officer

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