Brighton Diver – Brighton Marina

 Brighton Diver – Pentrych (wreck) and Ledges (drift)

The Boat – Brighton Diver II at Brighton Marina

Brighton Diver

Brighton Marina is located along from Brighton and is a well equipped location. Brighton Diver (skipper Paul Dyer) operate from the West Quay. There is a suitable unloading area, but be prepared for a walk to get your gear down to the boat. Bring a sack barrow it saves energy. The boat was well appointed with the wheelhouse located at the stern. Ample diver space for up to 10 twin sets. A catamaran design with the diver lift located on the starboard (right) side looking forward. In bad weather the small wheelhouse could not accommodate all dives but the stern area provides sufficient shelter.


The Crew



The Divers

There were five SISAC divers, Alex, Anna, John, Swav and myself. we were also joined by one of Swav’s friends, Mirek. To get there in time for ‘ropes off’ at 07:30, the day started early.

 The drive down from my perspective was great. We had the M25 to ourselves most of the time. Everyone was gathered by 07.00 and the boat was loaded ready to go. carrying a twin set with steel 12’s up and down a pontoon is great excerise.

The Pentrych

The trip to the first dive site, SS Pentrych, was around 30 minutes. The position of the wreck was just on the inshore side of the new ‘offshore wind farm.’ This development is big and may have been responsible for the poor underwater visibility encountered. To give an idea of what it was we were diving on, I have linked the to a YouTube video.

Coming aboard

The calm conditions on the surface made entry and drift to the buoy easy. There was some current and the line ran down at an angle to the bottom at 20m. Although the visibility was poor, lots of particulate matter floating free, the shape of the wreck could be seen and the exposed frames of the hull identified. There were lots of ‘black holes,’ enticing but better left untouched. The wreck has been down a long time so is quite broken up. However, it was a dive in the sea and at a reasonable depth. Bottom time for us was 30 minutes and we ‘shot a bag’ and headed for the surface. Short wait for collection by the boat and on-board after 40 minutes of diving.

The following surface break while we motored back to the next site, the Ledges, was very pleasant in the weather and refreshments were served.


On board

The Ledges

The second dive was a drift just offshore of the Brighton sea front. The depth was not particularly challenging, 12m max. Again the underwater conditions were poor with the same floating matter as was experienced further offshore. The current was moderate but not so fierce that you could not ‘poke ‘ around under the ledges. Some said this was chalk and not being a geologist I can not argue. The did seen to be lots of what looked like slate as well. Lots of large crabs hidden in the crevices were found but none that wanted to find themselves on the camera. Another 40 minute + dive and another DSMB deployment, this time by John.


Look what I found

Look at those fins

Help needed

All aboard

Rough seas


SISAC organise trips throughout the dive season to suit all qualifications. We welcome non-members to join us. Why not contact us to learn to dive or simply join us on the next trip. Call 01480 708029 or complete the contact page.

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