BSAC 0833 AGM – 1 NOV 20 AT 7.30PM

An important date and time for all your diaries:

SISAC online AGM on Sunday 1st November at 7:30 p.m.

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Meeting ID: 898 1335 6028
Passcode: 058875

Club’s Annual General Meeting, at which we vote in all of the Club’s committee members. These are the Chairman; the Diving Officer; the Training Officer; The Equipment Officer; the Treasurer and the Secretary. All of the current incumbents stand down as of the date of the AGM and each position then needs to be filled, for the Club to be able to continue operating as a Club under the BSAC Rules and Regulations.

It is therefore an extremely important meeting. We have potential nominees for the Chair, the Diving Officer, the Treasurer, and the Equipment Officer. We are lacking nominees for the Training Officer and the Secretary.

Training Officer: You do not need to be an instructor for the Training Officer role (it helps but is certainly not essential), as this is primarily a function of arranging the training programme to suit the Club’s members, as they seek to achieve their next individual qualification level. The Training Officer reports to the Diving Officer and as a pair they work closely together to support and provide safe and enjoyable diving practices.

Secretary The Secretary’s role is responsible for ensuring an efficient level of communication between the Branch Committee and membership and between the Branch and BSAC HQ. The Branch Secretary is often the person to whom BSAC Headquarters sends information relating to important changes at national level. Such communications may be for the specific attention of other Branch Officers. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to ensure that the contents of any mail received is distributed to the relevant Branch Officers or Branch members and/ or brought to the attention of the Committee at its next meeting.

The Secretary also documents, initialises and records the meetings of the Club.

So we do need some help in filling these two committee posts and hopefully a Club member will be willing to put their names forward at the AGM. Prior notification of such intent, to the Secretary and/or the Chairman, would be appreciated.

As the new Committee is formed it will certainly be the intent to work very closely as a team supporting each other in the performance of their individual commitments. Indeed, there is a significant, if not a vast, wealth of experience within and across the Club members, so anyone stepping into a new role on the Committee will have any help in learning their job willingly offered and provided. So please do not worry about being left stranded – we are all in this together, to continue supporting what is already a successful BSAC Club.

In addition to the voting in of officers of the branch, the SISAC awards will be presented.

This includes the photographer of the Year award, the submitted images can be found here.


BSAC Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor - and learnt everything through the BSAC Special Branch structure in the RAF. And I started diving in Sep 75, when there were no buoyancy aids and wet-suits tended to be hand-made monstrosities. Boy how things have changed - for the better!

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