Preparation for a return to diving

New recommendation to members about preparation for a return to diving – post Covid 19 have now been released by HQ. Both the break for the winter months, and also the long break caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are of concern. Cumulatively they have had a significant impact on members and their ability to go diving.

Preparation for a return to diving

We hope members will be able to make preparations for a return to diving – Post Covid 19, as things return to normal and the lockdown is relaxed. A sensible and progressive schedule to prepare for the new diving season is really important to avoid incidents. Due to the UK winter weather with less than favourable surface conditions, many UK divers reduce or even stop their diving activity over the winter months.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdowns and restrictions mean that many divers have had much less diving over the last year. Some may have had a layoff of 18 months or more. The consequence of this is that all divers are less ‘dive fit’ and prepared for the time when the restrictions begin to be lifted. This is part of a plan to help divers to return to the water safely. As Covid-19 restrictions are eased the first steps are likely to include the resumption of outdoor activities where the risk of spreading the virus are much lower.

The traditional opportunities to refresh skills, check out equipment and practice skills in a controlled environment like swimming pools are likely to be less available as restrictions ease. The initial guidance can be found at We will be adding to this new web section regularly in the run up to the return to diving.


BSAC Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor - and learnt everything through the BSAC Special Branch structure in the RAF. And I started diving in Sep 75, when there were no buoyancy aids and wet-suits tended to be hand-made monstrosities. Boy how things have changed - for the better!

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