BSAC Swimming Pool Guidance on activities

BSAC Swimming Pool Guidance

The use of swimming pools is a key component for diver training in the UK. Now is the time to look ahead and plan for the easing of restrictions to allow access to facilities.

Over the last few weeks, BSAC has been working closely with Swim England, other industry partners, DCMS and Sport Recreation Alliance in anticipation of the re-opening of swimming pool facilities and leisure centres.

Detailed guidelines have been produced in collaboration with these organisations to cover a safe return to swimming pool facilities.

The earliest possible date for reopening of these facilities in England is potentially on or soon after Saturday 4th July 2020. This date is open to change from the Government, but it is hoped that this will be achieved.

Dates for Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are still to be discussed.

BSAC Swimming Pool

We wanted to give you prior notice that this will be happening so as a Club you can start to think about it and also discuss with your local authority / swimming pool contact   You can find the guidance here

Key points

  • Communicating with your swimming pool team and confirm how you will work together to ensure a safe environment for all.
  • Plan, prepare, and brief the pool session in advance. Brief either by social media, online interaction or in the open air (groups ≤ 6) outside the pool facility.
  • Plan to spend as little time in the swimming pool changing rooms and on the poolside as possible. Go prepared to pass through changing rooms with minimum delay by pre-showering and wearing swimming costumes under outdoor clothing. After diving, dry, change and go home for a shower. 
  • Scuba equipment should be taken into the facility assembled and be ready for use. The assembly of the scuba unit can be taught in the open air (groups ≤ 6) before entering. Protect mouthpieces from contamination during transit.
  • Loose items, such as mask, fins and snorkel should be carried in a bag or container.

Although our training is currently limited to theory only we are able to take reservations for Try Dives and Courses.

Under normal circumstances we meet on Sunday nights at One Leisure St Ives (the St. Ives Recreation Centre), with theory lessons starting at 6:30PM and the pool is available exclusively for our training from 8:15PM. One Leisure St Ives Recreation Centre Westwood Road, St. Ives Cambs. PE27 6WU.  

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all Pool training and Try Dive activities.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club)

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