Buoyancy and Trim Workshop BSAC SDC

Buoyancy and Trim will improve your position in the water and aid other skills. It also is a requirement for other Skill Developement qualifications.

Someone very wise indeed told me recently that to be able to do anything underwater properly, first you must do nothing, perfectly…

You must be able to do nothing, perfectly? What does this mean and how is it relevant to my diving and being able to achieve everything?

OK, so this is about good buoyancy control, more specifically good trim and situational awareness. This makes you in total control and more comfortable in any situation and position.


So why do nothing first?

By practicing our trim and getting our buoyancy spot on, we should be able to position ourselves, with perfect trim, hovering motionless in the water. By motionless, I mean completely still, not even a little twitch of a fin tip to maintain position. 

Perfect trim with perfect buoyancy means exactly that, doing nothing perfectly!

Then we can address the task at hand without causing ourselves more problems. Whether it’s looking at wildlife without bumping into it, keeping good buddy contact, sticking to our planned depth limits or crucially more technical skills like a decompression stop or gas switching without descending beyond our maximum depth.

It’s not all about the looks and being flat in the water, although perfect trim does look uber cool. Once you have mastered your buoyancy, the trim then helps your position in the water by being flat. Flat makes you streamlined, using less energy, conserving air and also protecting the environment. No flapping fin kicks, just nice smooth frog kicking. Effortless!

As I tend to describe it “Look like an Octopus falling from a 9 storey building”

Once this has been achieved, all other skills and tasks underwater become much easier with less effort and stress.

Training Schedule

During September and October there will be Buoyancy and Trim workshops. Just because you have been qualified for a while doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from this.

Also remember that Buoyancy and Trim certification is a prerequisite to some other Skill Developement Courses. In particular Accelerated Decompression Proceedures.

First we would like to know who would like to do the course. It will be held over a couple of days, theory and practical.

Once we have students dates will be agreed to hold the activities.

Head off to the forum to register your interest or email the Secretary

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