Congratulations to our Latest Ocean Diver Emma Williams

Emma Williams

Emma came to SISAC initially to do a Try Dive. She obviously liked it as she came back and started her Ocean Diver qualification.

Last summer I acquired some free time (becoming single after a 2yr relationship) and wanted something new to focus my mind on. I remembered that when leaving Nottingham 3yrs ago a friend of mine said she wanted to learn to dive. At the time I didn’t have enough time with all the other hobbies I did. Then moving to St Ives area and my new found time I thought “what about diving?”. I spoke with my Nottingham friend, who had since learnt to dive with BSAC via East Midlands Diving Club. She raved about it and how much fun she had. She recommended BSAC rather than PADI as it is spaced out over time, rather than, what I would feel, rushed in 4 days. So I decided to email SISAC. I got a reply back to do a Try Dive in the pool.

I went along, a tad apprehensive (I had only done 2 dives in a pool in France at the age of 8). I felt very welcomed and it was explained to me all the different bits of kit and what we would do. I had a blast. There, I had found a new hobby to keep me occupied. 

Flexible training

I explained to the club that I work shifts, so couldn’t always come to the theory and pool sessions on a Sunday evening, would this be a problem. No, of course it wasn’t! Robin (the training Officer) worked around my shifts and met up with me on weekdays to teach me the theory. I managed to still do the pool sessions, just over a few more weeks than the others I had joined with. SISAC had no problem with this, which I was very grateful for. 

In October, I had booked to go to Thailand, and even though I wasn’t qualified by that time, I still went on a Discovery Dive on Koh Phangan. Let’s just say it was breathtaking (though that’s probably not a good choice of words whilst underwater). I felt very comfortable at 12m, I think the experience and knowledge I had learnt through SISAC gave me the confidence to dive in Thailand and enjoy it more than I would have done, had I not had a knowledge on diving. I was very lucky to see most of the fish from Finding Nemo and even a Whale Shark (much to the other dive instructors jealousy on my return to SISAC). This confirmed I wanted to keep up this hobby!

Inclusive Training

I then learnt to dive in a Dry Suit, much needed for diving in the UK! A different skill, but very important. After leaning this in the pool I then braved Stoney Cove. Robin, again working round my shifts, took me on a weekday, kitted up and explained the dive plan. Stoney Cove was very different to Thailand, but I am pleased to say I still enjoyed the dive, seeing a plane cockpit amongst other things that Stoney Cove has to offer. After a few open water sessions at Stoney Cove and Guildenburg I became a qualified Ocean Diver! Wahoo! 

I have since dived with my Nottingham friend, though we did get a bit lost underwater at Stoney Cove (which Bezz said means we are proper divers as you need to get lost!), the dive was still safe. I am enjoying diving and looking forward to the club trip to Farne Islands, hopefully we will see some seals!). 


A great, friendly and knowledgable place to learn. I am very grateful they worked around my shifts, meaning anyone can do this sport. I have seen that everyone is willing to offer advice within Diving. Many people have said to me “I wish I learnt to dive when I was younger”. So hopefully, at 25 and being female, means that a new wave of divers are picking up the hobby. I am looking forward to more dives with the club and maybe aim to start the Sports Diver soon. I have started to buy some of my own kit, but there is no rush as you can rent from the club or borrow from other club members. Whilst diving can look to be an expensive sport, I have learn that if you look after the kit it can last for years (I have been diving in a 15yr old Dry Suit and you wouldn’t know it was “old”). I would recommend SISAC and this hobby to anyone and am thinking of all the places around the world to visit and dive in!

How about me?

Think you may wish to join Emma and embark on an aventure? You can contact SISAC on 01480 70 80 29 or come along to a club meeting held on Sundays. Alternatively complete the contact form

Diving or Snorkelling as a Gift

Alternatively if Diving is a step too far why not prepare yourself and someone close to Snorkel. We will teach you the skills to stay safe and enjoy the joy of the underwater world. Snorkelling courses are conducted in the safe environment of a swimming pool. All attendees have stated that the course increases their confidence in the water.

SISAC organise Skill Developement Courses throughout the dive year to suit all qualifications. We welcome non-members to join us. Why not contact us for a schedule of the next courses. Call 01480 708029 or complete the contact page.

SISAC (St Ives Sub Aqua Club) is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club). We accept already qualified divers from other agencies and divers returning to the sport after a break.

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