Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver

advanced diver

Advanced Diver is a BSAC Qualification and is the most advanced award that can be gained within the club. It extends on previous awards so that divers can further the limits and experiences of their own diving. It is ideally suited to those who want to broaden the horizons of adventurous diving. Extending abilities to explore new sites and finesse their broad range of skills.

As a BSAC Advanced Diver you are a highly qualified branch diver. A course for divers who will extend an acqyuired skill set in planning and supervising diving groups. This will include rescue management skills, seamanship and developing further leadership qualities.

The BSAC Advanced Diver course develops knowledge and skills. Divers gain experience in planning dives at different sites and circumstances. You will learn to use small boats, chartwork and navigation plus many more additional skills will be gained.  Advanced Divers who are Open Water Instructors are eligible to progress to Advanced Instructor.


To enroll on the BSAC Advanced Course you must be 14 years or older.
You must have already successfully completed a BSAC Dive Leader course.
Alternatively hold a qualifying certification from another recognised training agency.

What you’ll learn

You will learn dive planning and management skills through four classroom lessons, two open water lessons, two dry practical lessons and 20 dives (which may include the open water lessons) in a range of conditions, since qualifying as a Dive Leader.

• BSAC Advanced Diver course covers:
• Role of the BSAC Advanced Diver
• Responsibilities of a BSAC Advanced Diver
• Advanced diving
• Organising diving from different platforms
• Review of diving conditions and on-site first aid
• Expedition planning
• Diving and rescue skills review
• Rescue skills and management review
• Dive planning and management

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