Members’ Photographs – 2020

Here’s a selection of photographs from this year’s diving adventures, for the 2020 Photographer of the year award; it’s a lovely eclectic mix of shots, both above and below the water line, to celebrate SISAC’s diving in 2020.

To view the photos in full-size: click once on the first photo and then scroll through the full set. And see below about how to vote for your 3 favourite photos..

Photographer of the Year Award

Would you like to vote for your favourite three photos? Jot down the number of your favourite 3: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and text your choices to Sally. Send by 6pm on Sunday and the winner of the 2020 Photographer of the Year award will be announced at the AGM.

2020 Photographer of the year award
Photographer of the Year Trophy

A Reminder

We would also like to remind members to vote for the Diver of the Year Award and the Member of the Year Award. These will also be presented at the AGM this year.

Previous Photograph of the Year Award Winners

Previous winners can be seen in the SISAC Photography Award Winners feature on the website, containing both the winning photograph and the related details .

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