Protected Wreck Volunteer Project

Protected Wreck Volunteer Project

MSDS Marine, Northampton BSAC, SWMAG and the Nautical Archaeology Society would like to invite all interested members of your dive club or University to get involved with maritime archaeology and Protected Wreck sites.
Historic England have commissioned MSDS Marine to undertake a pilot project linking existing Protected Wreck Licensee teams with new diver groups. Together with the Nautical Archaeology Society, we will be working with the South West Maritime Archaeology Group to recruit new members and undertake fieldwork on one of the four protected wreck sites in their care. 

Protected Wreck
Sailing Vessel Wreck on Beach at Bamburgh

We have funding for four days of diving on the Salcombe Cannon site. Working with existing Licensee team members and MSDS Marine, new volunteers will learn about the history of the site, as well as new diving skills such as photogrammetry and metal detecting, and undertake free training with the Nautical Archaeology Society.

Up Scope
Periscope Mounting on Submarine A1
Ships Wheel on Broken Up Wreck

We would like to invite any interested divers to come along to an open evening at the Northampton BSAC clubhouse and meet the team on Thursday 21st March at 7pm, find out about the project and how you get involved, and enjoy some food on us!


The South West Maritime Archaeology Group (SWMAG).

They describe themselves as a team of avocational divers with a passion for history from the sea.

The group has a long history with a number of protected wreck sites including those at Salcombe and Moor Sand.

The protected sites contain both Bronze Age and 17th Century material and have resulted in a wealth of finds that are now on display in the British Museum.

SWMAG located in Northampton BSAC, one of the first BSAC groups to be formed. At its height the club had over 220 members but today there are only a few members remaining.

The club maintains outstanding facilities in Northampton. With so much to offer and keen to get new members on board to help with projects.

Current active projects such as that as Salcombe and Moor Sand.

How Can I Get Involved

Now is the time to get involved with diving on a protected wreck site.

We will soon be holding an open evening where you can come along.
Come, meet the team and find out more about the diving planned on the site this year.

Like more information on becoming part of the SWMAG team in 2019 contact MSDS Marine for more information.

Venue and Time

Where: Northampton BSAC Branch 13, Lodge Farm, Crestwood Rd, Northampton NN3 8JJ
When: 7pm, 21st March 2019

And feel free to ask any questions by either replying to this email or emailing

Want to know more about the project? Protected wrecks? Take a look at our blog to find out more.

SISAC organise Skill Developement Courses throughout the dive year to suit all qualifications. We welcome non-members to join us. Why not contact us for a schedule of the next courses. Call 01480 708029 or complete the contact page.

SISAC (St Ives Sub Aqua Club) affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club). We accept already qualified divers from other agencies and divers returning to the sport after a break.

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