New Club rules for boat diving – be it RHIB or hard boat

Some new rules to consider for boat diving – be it RHIB or hard boat – and is to be briefed accordingly by the DM for the dive:

  • Prepare a boat Covid kit – some wipes and anti-bacterial gel – and a rubbish bag to hold the used wipes etc.
  • Bring and wear face covering (and use it!) – no face covering no dive.
  • Max of 6 in a RHIB – max TBD for hard boat by skipper.
  • Use hand sanitiser before getting on the boat.
  • Load and off-load your own kit.
  • No spitting into your mask to defog.
  • At the end of the dive, utilise boat fenders or RHIB handles as appropriate to clip your kit onto¬† – you then climb back into the boat by yourself and then load your own kit back into the boat – this allows social distancing to be maintained at all times; especially for the crew.


BSAC Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor - and learnt everything through the BSAC Special Branch structure in the RAF. And I started diving in Sep 75, when there were no buoyancy aids and wet-suits tended to be hand-made monstrosities. Boy how things have changed - for the better!

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