PADI to BSAC Crossover

Ruby Wood one of our many PADI Crossover members

Ruby Wood

“I first learnt how to dive back in 2009 in Falmouth through PADI to Advanced Open Water Diver as part of my degree in Marine and Natural History photography. After diving the cold but often fabulous Cornish coast that was on my doorstep in only a semi-dry suit (plus the joys of the warmer Red Sea one December), I moved to Cambridgeshire for work in 2012 having last dived in 2011. Since then I never thought that I could dive whilst living so far away from the sea and had resigned myself to just distant dreams of diving again when I might eventually persuade my husband to learn so that I had someone to join me. When I heard from a friend that SISAC existed I jumped at the chance to join a club filled with friendly people, whilst also improving on my previous diving knowledge with the added bonus of learning to dive in a drysuit (and finally be warm) whilst doing my crossover training! SISAC/Alex in particular have been massively accommodating to my shift patterns, meaning that I didn’t feel rushed to complete my training. Alex has even trialed some of the theory lessons via conference webcam, which have worked fabulously! I have to say that now I can dive in a drysuit (and stay warm), I’m looking forward to furthering my diving experiences with everyone at SISAC and doing my sports diver training as and when my shifts allow!”

Crossing over to BSAC

PADI Crossover

BSAC accepts divers from all agencies. There is a crossover available for all certifications. In some cases a straight transfer is available. In Ruby’s case there were some skill requirements and updates on her current knowledge. More information here regarding PADI Crossover and other agencies.

Ruby required skill training for rescue activities, an area which is only included with PADI Rescue Diver.

As part of her training she was trained a certifed to use a Dry Suit as mentioned above, again an additional Specialty with PADI.

All qualified divers are welcome to come along to the club and see what we have to offer you. We do not insist that you trained with SISAC to dive with us. We can provide full cross-over and updating training within the club as necessary. All agencies and qualifications are accepted. Your skills are valued and you can enjoy all the benefits and activities that our current members do. You may be out of practice and slightly rusty on your skills. You will be enjoying your diving in no time. We can help you get fully up-to-date with the latest BSAC diving practices.

Under normal circumstances we meet on Sunday nights at One Leisure St Ives (the St. Ives Recreation Centre), with theory lessons starting at 6:30PM and the pool is available exclusively for our training from 8:15PM. One Leisure St Ives Recreation Centre Westwood Road, St. Ives Cambs. PE27 6WU.  

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all Pool training and Try Dive activities.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club)

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