Parwin SCUBA

Parwin SCUBA is located in Glatton, which is just outside of Sawtry in Cambridgeshire. Paul Hardy, who owns and operates the business, has been associated with SISAC for many years, and undertakes the clubs testing and servicing of SCUBA equipment when required. It may not look swish on the outside but it is an Aladdin’s Cave inside full of new and used SCUBA equipment.



A Good Selection of Fins
Under Garments

Parwin has a good stock of Fins, Masks and other equipment, some of which is currently subject to a good healthy reduction in price. Fins and Masks especially are very good value for money.

The nice thing about the stock that’s there is you can browse and see what you are getting. The one thing about SCUBA equipment is that it becomes very personal, and although it looks good online in the open environment it is not what you really wanted.

I invariably find that when visiting any SCUBA shop I see something that is useful to me and if reasonably priced I will buy. This does not have to be the big expensive items, rather more the small items for keeping your hoses tidy, for instance.

‘Shinny Things’ and Accessories


The thing about SCUBA equipment is it can cost money to get the right equipment. However, once you have obtained what you need for your style of diving, what you have will last you many years. If you look after it and have it serviced at regular intervals.

Cylinder Storage Bays

Cylinders must, because they are subject to Standards, be inspected and tested at set intervals. Visual inspections are carried out once every 2.5 years, followed by hydrostatic testing every 5 years. Those divers that use Nitrox on a regular basis also require the cylinder to be O2 cleaned every 18 months. The average life of a well maintained cylinder can be 20+ years. Parwin undertakes all the testing and inspection requirements to enable your cylinder to be filled at any UK dive site.

Workshop and Testing Area

The same applies to regulators and gauges. They also require to be services and tested at intervals, normally dependant on the use and environment they are used in i.e. seawater or fresh.

Again Parwin can undertake all these tasks in a well equipped workshop.

Used Equipment

At Parwin you will find equipment that has been placed with Paul for sale. Such equipment would be priced by the seller and can be negotiated. Here you may be able to get a decent BCD or regulator set at a price to suit your pocket.

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