SISAC Plymouth Discovery Divers – 28/29 April 2018-05-05

Plymouth Discovery DiversPlymouth Discovery Divers

Fort Bovisand Plymouth


Plymouth Discovery Divers is a favourite with the club and always provides good diving and atmosphere. Club divers attending this trip was Gareth, Robert, John, Bezz and Robin. There was a good mix of levels and equipment and qualifications. Including an Advanced Diver through to Ocean Diver, and an assortment of Closed Circuit Rebreather, twin sets and singles. Joining us as guests, the Charters; Nick, Sally and their daughter Jo. The diving platform as usual was the dive boat Red Alert and skipper Danny of Plymouth Discovery Divers

Day 1 Dive 1

The first dive of the trip was conducted on the Eddystone Rock, 12 miles off the coast. For me personally this was a first. I have been in the vicinity of the rock many times while at sea, but have never had the opportunity to dive it. The weather was fairly calm, overcast with sunny spells. Underwater the visibility was good and the dive depth for Robert and myself was an average of 25m. Large boulders of granite litter the seabed. This provides lots of crevices for crabs and fish to hide. We came across wrasse and spider crabs in abundance. Being that my underwater photography skills are not brilliant and I rely on a GoPro, because I haven’t flooded one yet the results are average. The was one video which I took whilst being attacked by a wrasse for trespassing in his territory. Bottom time for the dive, due to the depth was around 30 minutes followed by a slow ascent to the surface and deployment of DSMB. We bobbed up under the DSMB after 47 minutes to be picked up by Red Alert.

Day 1 Dive 2

The second dive was on the James Egan Layne which lies in Whitsands Bay between 10m and 25m (at deepest point). Visibility was not as good as that experienced on the Eddystone Rock but it made for dive two. Most of the divers in the party had dived there before, with the exception of John.

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Day Two Dive 1
The weather forecast for day two was not brilliant so it was a 9.30 start to two inshore marks.

Dive one was to be on the Persier.

At 28m in Bigbury Bay the wreck is a popular dive site. Although extensively broken up there are quite a few bits of the ship that are of interest. The Boilers lay exposed and are clearly visible even in poor visibility. Remains of the steam reciprocating engine can be seen. Due to visibility best viewed close up. Dive time is limited to keep inside the decompression rules. However, Rob and myself manged 40 minutes + and were still comfortable.

Not being photographer of the year, but thank to my trusty GoPro 2’s I manged to sneak a couple of photographs. Being that the wreck has been there so long and well broken it is home to lots of sea life. The crabs especially are of a good eating size but no one bothers to catch them.

Day Two Dive 2

Dive two of the day was on a pinnacle on the way back to Bovisand. Never got the name of it but it was one of many in that area. This one started at 5m and went down to 20m+ at the sea bed. Sadly Rob’s as torches failed and we did not get any more than 18-19m. There were lots of crevices and the like in the pinnacle which in better visibility would have no doubt held lots of interesting creatures. A DSMB covered ascent took us back to the surface after about 30 minutes.


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Plymouth is a very good area for all grades of Diver. Discover Divers are excellent dive charters and Danny is very friendly and helpful. The Cornish Pasties between dives and the unlimited tea and coffee make for an enjoyable weekend. Accommodation is clean and comfortable.


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SISAC organise trips throughout the dive season to suit all qualifications. We welcome non-members to join us. Why not contact us to learn to dive or simply join us on the next trip. Call 01480 708029 or complete the contact page.

A visit to Plymouth Discovery Divers is an annual event. You need to be reserve and book early to avoid disappointment.


Thank you to Robin Norman for the content on this post.

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