Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019

Qualified BSAC Divers in 2019

We saw a number of newly Qualified BSAC Divers through 2019 and also some divers from other agencies join and crossover to BSAC.

Compared to previous history St Ives Sub Aqua Club in 2019 has been very sucessful at attracting new members. Some who are complete novices and some wishing to learn the BSAC way of approaching the sport.

We arrange Try Dives on a weekly schedule. If Scuba Diving is something you have always fancied trying please contact our Training Officer who will be happy to arrange a suitable date.

Here are a few.

Qualified BSAC Divers
Qualified BSAC Divers
Ruby Wood Qualified BSAC Divers

Ruby Wood

Ruby joined SISAC as a crossover after being trained as a diver by another diving agency.

On joining SISAC and after a long break from diving Ruby elected to study the BSAC Ocean diver training course program as a refresher, on completing that course she has gone on to the next level of qualification and  take the BSAC Sports Diver Qualification  which was completed on the 22 December 2019.

Her certificate was presented by Robin Norman the training Co-Ordinator.

Nicky Hawkins Qualified BSAC Divers

Nicky Hawkins

Qualified in December as an Ocean Diver

Currently working on Sports Diver Course having completed the first 3 theory sessions and the first sheltered water session.

Emma Williams Qualified BSAC Divers

Emma Williams

Emma came to SISAC initially to do a Try Dive. She obviously liked it as she came back and started her Ocean Diver qualification.

Last summer I acquired some free time (becoming single after a 2yr relationship) and wanted something new to focus my mind on. I remembered that when leaving Nottingham 3yrs ago a friend of mine said she wanted to learn to dive. At the time I didn’t have enough time with all the other hobbies I did. Then moving to St Ives area and my new found time I thought “what about diving?”. I spoke with my Nottingham friend, who had since learnt to dive with BSAC via East Midlands Diving Club. She raved about it and how much fun she had. She recommended BSAC rather than PADI as it is spaced out over time, rather than, what I would feel, rushed in 4 days. So I decided to email SISAC. I got a reply back to do a Try Dive in the pool.

I went along, a tad apprehensive (I had only done 2 dives in a pool in France at the age of 8). I felt very welcomed and it was explained to me all the different bits of kit and what we would do. I had a blast. There, I had found a new hobby to keep me occupied.

Micky Mace Qualified BSAC Divers

Micky Mace

Micky completed his Ocean Diver qualification earlier this year.

As many of our new people Micky undertook a Try Dive

He is now on the Sports Diver course having completed the first 3 theory sessions and the first sheltered water session.

Josh Rayner- Brown Qualified BSAC Divers

Josh Rayner- Brown

Dedication and determination saw Josh complete his Ocean Diver qualification.

I am delighted to announce Josh qualifies as a Sports Diver this year and currently persuing Dive Leader.

Nicholas Levy Qualified BSAC Divers

Nicholas Levy

Ocean Diver certification-the perspective from a 50 year old anaesthetist

A number of my friends have always scuba dived. I was aware through them that the sport can be great fun. Plus the experience of entering the different underwater world is thrilling. For this reason I decided to explore the options of scuba diving training in the UK. Most of my friends are PADI trained, so I initially spoke to the PADI centres. I soon realised that I could be “certified” in two weekends. However, there was a niggle.

He is now on the Sports Diver course having completed the first 3 theory sessions and the first sheltered water session.

Leigh-Anne McDuffus Qualified BSAC Divers

Leigh-Anne McDuffus

I have said this before and I say it again. Every club needs a Leigh.

She completed her Ocean Diver Course and progressed through and qualified as Sports Diver. Having completed a few SDCs she is now on close to completing her Dive Leader.

Luke Brad

Luke Johnson and Bradley Fosdick

Possibly a little unfair grouping these two together however they came as a pair.

Both married this year and the plan was to qualify so that they can dive whilst on honeymoon.

Returning from honeymoon Luke has started the Sports Diver course having completed the first 3 theory sessions and the first sheltered water session.

Tom Margetts

Tom Margetts

Qualified in December as an Ocean Diver

We are hoping he will move onto the Sports diver Course.

Here are some of our Qualified BSAC Divers of 2019. We are hoping to add more over the coming months.

Starting Sunday 26th January we have 5 new Ocean Diver candidates.

I will be reporting on their progress and announcing when they are Qualified BSAC Divers.

Under normal circumstances we meet on Sunday nights at One Leisure St Ives (the St. Ives Recreation Centre), with theory lessons starting at 6:30PM and the pool is available exclusively for our training from 8:15PM.One Leisure St Ives Recreation Centre Westwood Road, St. Ives Cambs. PE27 6WU.  

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all Pool training and Try Dive activities.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club)

Contact us now 01480 708029

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