Recent Qualifications

Recent Qualifications at SISAC

Nicky Hawkins

Nicky Hawkins has successful completed his BSAC Sports Diver qualifications on 26 July 2020 and will now go on to do his depth progressions post qualification to 35 metres

Due to Covid 19 restrictions the certificate had to be done without members of the club present and with social distancing 

Qualifications Rob Salmon

Rob Salmon

Rob Salmon completed his BSAC Ocean Diver qualification on the 17 August 2020

And because of social distancing requirements his certificate was presented without members of the club present, but to make the event a little more like a diving event he was photographed at the DO’s residence beach

“Diving is something I’ve thought about trying for years, but had never actually looked into doing. Finally in December 2019 my wife convinced me to do a try dive with SISAC (she had previously joined the club after not diving for some years). It was strange at first getting used to breathing underwater, but Alex my instructor was very patient and took his time to get me under the water. After every pool session I enjoyed diving more and more.
As we were about to do our first open water dives the COVID lockdown was introduced at the end of March. So this meant I wasn’t able to finish my Ocean Diver until August (this was completely out of the clubs control). Once lockdown started to ease Robin spent a great deal of time taking care of my open water training and also helped by repairing some kit and lending me various bits of kit to try.
As I was furloughed from work for 6 months, I had plenty of time to looking into places to dive, read some dive related books and probably spend a bit too much on kit.
It was a great experience, learning to dive with a BSAC club is very relaxed and at your own pace. Everyone in the club is very welcoming. I’m looking forward to my first club trip and sea dives in Plymouth at the end of September.”

Under normal circumstances we meet on Sunday nights at One Leisure St Ives (the St. Ives Recreation Centre), with theory lessons starting at 6:30PM and the pool is available exclusively for our training from 8:15PM. One Leisure St Ives Recreation Centre Westwood Road, St. Ives Cambs. PE27 6WU.  

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all Pool training and Try Dive activities.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club)

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