Recommencement of Pool training – post Covid in 2021

Covid 19 Pool procedures allow return to pool
Eventually we will be back doing this!

We have yet to receive any form of clearance from the St Ivo pool to recommence pool training; as we and they await formal Government advice. When we do get the clearance to return, we will no doubt be working to similar rules as we did last December; when we had a brief interlude of training before further lockdowns were introduced.

Our Covid 19 Pool procedures document dated 8 Dec 20 remains valid until, and if, we are advised differently – it is located in the forum .

Any queries please contact the DO or the TO


BSAC Advanced Diver & Advanced Instructor - and learnt everything through the BSAC Special Branch structure in the RAF. And I started diving in Sep 75, when there were no buoyancy aids and wet-suits tended to be hand-made monstrosities. Boy how things have changed - for the better!

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