Robin Norman

Robin NormanRobin Norman

The Start

I would suppose I was aquatic in nature long before I took my first breath underwater. Always attracted to water, but not necessarily washing, I went to sea with the royal navy as a Marine Engineering Technician. Joining submarines introduced me to being submerged in an upholstered sewer pipe for months on end. I did my first try dive in London back in 2003 and was immediately. Bitten by the diving bug.

PADI Experience

My first diving instruction was with PADI in Oman early 2004. I had money and I had time so I quickly rose to the dizzy height of Master Scuba Diver. Robn NormanPADI was good but finding buddies was difficult, every dive was a new buddy.

BSAC Journey

I was introduced to BSAC in 2005 and because it joined the Ras-Al-Hamra Sub Aqua Club. A well-funded club, oil wealth, it had everything; boats (3 – 7+m) , compressors and active members at all grades. The diving was fantastic and on my door step so as to speak. Reefs, wrecks, pinnacles, lagoons,

beach and boat we had it all. We also had easy travel to some of the most beautiful diving locations in the world. A short plane ride could take us to Maldives, Cyprus, Egypt and Far East.  Quickly getting in to the club circle, I became ‘Boat Officer,’ a position I kept for 7 years. Even had a new boat dedicated to me. Back in the UK I went back to

drysuit diving. Tried a rebreather, but failed because of lack of drysuit experience. Now back in to twins, sidemount and singles. Also back in to training after a year or two UK diving in the wilderness of no club. Approaching 69, I do not see me going further than a club trainer and member.


Memorable Dives

Well I think they all were to some degree. I have never stopped learning and taking suggestions from more competent people. But I think these come at the head of the list;

  • Cyprus – Zenobia
  • Oman – Lucky Princess, the Tug, the Launch, Deep Reef, Shallow Reef, Roberts Barge, the Tank Landing craft, Salalah, North Oman Musandam, Daymaniyate Islands
  • South China Seas – Repulse and Prince of Wales
  • Egypt – Reefs and Wrecks
  • Maldives
    Raj Ampat
  • Sri Lanka –HMS Hermes

Of course, there are more but in general I like to dive.

That’s me Robin Norman

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