Scuba Diving in Cambridgeshire – Start the adventure with SISAC St Ives

Learn Scuba Diving in Cambridgeshire

When you Learn to Dive there are four BSAC dive grades. These are Ocean Diver, Sports Diver, Dive Leader, and Advanced Diver. Training for all these grades can be undertaken within the club environment. All conducted at a pace suited to each individual. This guarantees the time, experience, and attention needed to become practised and proficient at each level.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club (SISAC) located in Cambridgeshire will assist you through the grades as far as you wish. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors are here to guide you through the training. We consider ourselves as the leading SCUBA Club in Cambridgeshire with a broad spectrum of Instructors, interests and experience.

Come and learn to dive NOW!

Learn Scuba Diving

When you Learn to Dive within a BSAC club environment – there is no rush, and no pressure to finish your dive grade in a weekend. Our instructors work on a one-on-one basis within a time-frame that suits each individual. You pay an annual subscription to the club which includes your training. No additional fees to pay whether it takes six weeks or six months to learn to dive. All your instruction is included within your annual subscription fee.

Club diving provides a wealth and breadth of experience and knowledge possessed within the membership. Learn to dive with us and other members will be willing to share there experience and knowledge. Within SISAC, we have a number of technical divers who enjoy deeper diving. Those who dive on rebreathers and those with full face masks. We have members who enjoy underwater photography. Those who enjoy nautical archaeology, and yet others who have a penchant for marine life.
Club Membership and why.

So whatever your interest in learning when you learn to dive with SISAC, there will be members who share your enthusiasm. With an active dive calendar, there is an opportunity to enjoy your new dive skills adding to your underwater experience. The club organises day trips, weekend trips, and longer weekly trips to destinations around the UK. Throughout the year we visit Plymouth, Scapa Flow, Brighton, and Swanage. Also included are further-flung destinations including the Red Sea, Malta, Ibiza, Truk Lagoon, and the D-Day wrecks of Normandy.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Ocean Diver course       Includes: • 8 pool lessons • 7 theory lessons • 5 open water dives at an inland site • BSAC membership (includes SCUBA magazine) • SISAC branch membership (12 months) • Course work book and manuals • Qualification record book • All equipment hire* • Internationally-recognised scuba qualification Not included: • Transport to/from dive sites • Entry fees to inland dive centres • Air fills at inland dive centres • Food and drink *Although all equipment is provided we would recommend students purchase their own mask, snorkel and fins.

You will probably want to know the costs, it is not as much as you think or have seen elsewhere.

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