Post Lockdown Dive

First Post Lockdown Dive of 2021

It seems forever since we were allowed to roam relatively freely and enjoy the sport we love. Fortunately we are back taking that first post lockdown dive of 2021 at Stoney Cove.

A great deal of credit has to go to Stoney Cove, the owners and the people working there. They have done an excellent job in creating the ticket booking system, the entry process and limiting the numbers to a sensible amount. This has obviously come at a cost.

Leaving home at “Stupid O’Clock” to make sure I was there early did feel a strange. I felt I was doing something wrong by leaving the house and traveling such a distance, but it was allowed. To make sure everything was “Bristol Fasion” the only thing I left behind was the kitchen sink. Three sets of regulators, spare weight to compensate for those lockdown pounds and a whole host of other items.

A key objective is to get “Dive Fit” for the season ahead and ready for the trips planned and booked. It is shocking that a drysuit can shrink, normally only experienced over the Christmas period. Just goes to prove this can happen at anytime, regardless.

Group Photo

I must confess I was hoping that there would be far better visibility than there was. Due to spring algae bloom visibility was poor at best although clearing at depth and a distance away from the 6 metre shelf.

This did not deter any of the hardy participants.

Having being saved the December, January and February period the water was not as cold as expected, a balmy 7 degrees which is acceptable. Going into spring and summer it is only going to improve.

The Members

An excellent turnout of members for our post lockdown dive covering all experiences and qualifications.

Post Lockdown
Stoney Cove

What was a grey and overcast day turned out as forecast a pleasent, bright sping day with temperatures in the mid to high teens.

Having spent some time “organising” equipment prior to departure on the 29th March, truthfully I just wanted to enjoy that smell of dry dive kit. All worked without any issues.

My buddy and I took sensible approach and glyding around the six metre shelf for a while. To make sure all equipment was working and there were no suprises.

Keeping things sensible both dives of the day following lockdown were kept to 30 minutes or less. We did 22 minutes first dive and 30 minutes second dive. Avoiding “Grand Tours” of the quarry our post lockdown dives were focused on getting back into the water and practising some of the basic skills.

Once the instructors are fully back and satisfied training will resume with the unfortunate students who had their training interupted by COVID 19 restrictions.

Also we will be holding Try Dive sessions again to share our sport.

SISAC 0833 is affiliated to British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

Under normal circumstances we meet on Sunday nights at One Leisure St Ives (the St. Ives Recreation Centre), with theory lessons starting at 6:30PM and the pool is available exclusively for our training from 8:15PM. One Leisure St Ives Recreation Centre Westwood Road, St. Ives Cambs. PE27 6WU.  

Due to Covid 19 we have suspended all Pool training and Try Dive activities.

St Ives Sub Aqua Club is affiliated with BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club)

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