SISAC 2021 Dive Trips

The SISAC 2021 Dive Trips calendar is set out below. These are the dive trips the branch has booked so far for the coming year (2021). There may be additions or changes later in the year.

Full details of each trip, booking details and booking rules are contained in the members forum area. Please log in for further information.


SISAC 2021 Dive Trips, weekend trips. The following trips are complete weekends or long weekend dive trips.


Swanage April 17-18

Swanage Pier
SISAC 2021 Dive Trips

This dive trip is primarily intended for Ocean Divers. 6 spaces are reserved for Ocean Divers. The remaining 6 places for instructors or dive leaders. Each Ocean Diver will have an Instructor or Dive leader as their buddy.

It is a few years since we last visited Swanage.

Currently this trip is provisional.

Dependent on Covid 19 restrictions, we are working on 2 boat dives per day per diver, with the opportunity to dive the pier as well.


Plymouth May 1,2,3

SISAC 2021 Dive Trips

This Plymouth trip is primarily for Sports Divers, or higher. A number of the dives will be 30m+ (conditions permitting). They are also likely to require decompression stops.

Plymouth is a popular place for the branch with a wide variety of diving.

Dependent on Covid 19 restrictions, 12 divers, 2 dives a day, three days of diving. All with our good friend Danny from Discovery Divers at Bovisand.


Porthkerris, Cornwall, June 12 -13


It is long time since we last visited Cornwall. Porthkerris is our return. Open to all grades and should produce some world class diving.


Farnes, August 14-15

SISAC 2021 Dive Trips
Farne Islands

The Farnes dive trip may well include the Somalia this year, which is beyond Ocean Diver depth limit.

We will be diving with Sovereign Diving and staying at the Old School House B & B.

Famous for the Seal life, we have run a trip every year for the last few years.


Plymouth, September 4-5

Fort Bovisand
SISAC 2021 Dive Trips

The September Plymouth trip will probably be open to all grades.

A wide variety of sites makes Plymouth very flexible for all grades. The two excellent shallow dives, the Scylla and the James Egan Lane are enjoyed by divers of all levels. This is the reason we return every year.


SISAC 2021 Dive Trips, week long trips for 2021 are those deferred from 2020.

Shetland June 12-20

An adventure for all of those going. This is week long trip, should have happened in 2020, but was deferred due to the C-19 crisis.

Red Sea October 14-21

Giannis D
Red Sea Northern Wrecks

Another deferred trip from 2020. We are diving with Blue Planet (Regal Diving), and now have a large part of the boat booked by SISAC members.

Spectacular visibility, we are doing the Northern Tiran route. But this will still present a mix of reefs, marine life, as well as great wreck dives.

Talk to Sally if you wish to book on to the trip to ensure you have the correct booking details.

Additional Trips

These are the preliminary trips the branch has booked for 2021. We are always interested in booking additional trips if there is sufficient interest.

In 2020 we did ask if anyone was interested in diving the sound of Mull, this resulted in the ‘Last Gasp’ trip in October of 2020. There is no reason that we can’t repeat this in 2021, if there is sufficient interest. Or even an alternate venue. If you are interested in a particular dive, location or type of diving, please talk to the committee. Even if we are unable to fit them in the 2021 calendar, it could be an option for 2022!

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