SISAC New Year Eve Dive

SISAC New Year Eve Dive 2017SISAC New year eve dive

It has become a recurring event to gather and have a SISAC New Year Eve Dive.  It was nice to see 2017 was no different.

A group of members and guests joined us at Stoney Cove located in Stoney Stanton Leicestershire.

Conditions have varied over the years and 2017 was better than some. An air temperature of 8 and a water temperature of 7 it was not unpleasant. The key contribution to the dive was the outstanding visibly.

The group, exploring various areas of the quarry, taking photos as they went.

Post dive activities included a gathering in Nemos Bar where a belly full of food and a few warm drinks were consumed.

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BSACYou can quite clearly see the Hydrobox and Smart Car located at 35 metres. The fishing boat at 25 metres and the Gresham wreck at 6 metres.

These photos were taken in a confined quarry, imagine what the open sea is like.

If this has inspired you to learn to dive click here and join one of our Try Dive sessions before embarking on an Ocean Diver course.

I wish to thank you for the photographs. They were provided by Sally Charter and Gareth Leyshon.

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