Cold Water Diving

COLD WATER DIVING (WINTER DIVING) Several recommendations regarding safe Cold Water Diving during winter. Don’t leave the regulators in the car overnight. Ideally, don’t leave cylinders in the cold overnight either. Keep regulators dry prior to use. (Use good air – dry). When testing kit before entering the water, don’t…


Equipment Focus – The Snorkel


Equipment Focus – The Snorkel The humble snorkel is often a discarded piece of kit by divers and considered a very simple bit of equipment. In it’s basic ‘J’ shape that certainly isn’t difficult to believe but there is actually quite a lot involved with designing and developing a snorkel,…


Photography of Stoney Cove late 2019

Photograhy at Stoney Cove

Photography of Stoney Cove late 2019 Diving first started here around 1960 and as the sport gained popularity Stoney Cove was developed into the amazing underwater adventure park it is today. Much work has taken place to keep Stoney Cove at the forefront of diver training and it is recognised…


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019


SISAC Qualified Divers in 2019 SISAC are keen to spread the word of SCUBA Diving, the personal pleasures it brings and the challenges some face. The result, we think, are happy students and dedicated members of SISAC. This year we have qualified and certified 13 members to Ocean Diver and…


Historic Diving and Diving Equipment

Historic Diving and Diving Equipment Kevin Patience is a member of the Historical Diving Association. He will be giving a presenting on the history of diving and diving equipment. It will be in The One Leisure Café on Sunday 15th December 2019 Commencing at 1930 to 2030 All members are…


Rob Howard on Plymouth

Rob Howard

Rob’s Sept Plymouth summary Rob Howard – Equipment Officer Rob has been a member of SISAC for a number of years and is an active member. New members look to Rob to provide serviced equipment during training and for rental after training. 07/09/19 HMS Scylla My dive Buddy was Gareth…


Fort Bovisand September 2019

Fort Bovisand Plymouth September 2019 This has been the clubs second pilgrimage to Fort Bovisand Plymouth in 2019 having visited at the start of the dive season. The Guilty Fort Bovisand Previously I have not stepped forward before because I was under the impression that it was a long way…


1919 Wreck HMY Iolaire is 13th Controlled Site

Protection of Wrecks and what does it mean HMY Iolaire sank in the early hours of 1st January 1919. Controlled Site Controlled sites must be specifically designated by location, where the site contains the remains of an aircraft or a vessel that crashed, sank or was stranded within the last…


Luke Johnson Ocean Diver

Luke Johnson Ocean Diver SISAC qualifies another Ocean Diver I found the training to be engaging and fun, there’s a lot to take in but because with BSAC you do it weekly you have the time to properly take in all the information you need and get the proper training…


Buoyancy and Trim Workshop BSAC SDC

Buoyancy and Trim will improve your position in the water and aid other skills. It also is a requirement for other Skill Developement qualifications. Someone very wise indeed told me recently that to be able to do anything underwater properly, first you must do nothing, perfectly… You must be able to…