Open Water Dives at Stoney Cove 11/11/18

First in the Water Semi-Dry Wetsuit Diving – November in the UK Hardened as I may be to all round year diving, I think I would need to have a lot more incentive to leap or wriggle into Stoney Cove in November. saying that there were the normal group of all…


Hartford Marina Diving

Hartford Marina

Porthole Retrieval Narrow Boat Moorings About a week or so ago we had a request from a chap called Paul via the enquires. On talking to him, he did not want to dive or learn to dive, but he wanted divers to assist him to retrieve a rather expensive brass…



Recent Visits to Stoney Cove Sports Diver Training In the past week there have been two visits to Stoney Cove to progress training for the New Sports Divers. John Holmes who was away in Thailand for a few months has now returned. Whilst he was in Thailand he managed to…


What’s new at SISAC October 2018

October 2018

What’s new at SISAC October 2018 A brief roundup of club activities during October 2018 and what is coming up. New Ocean Divers Pleased to announced we qualified two BSAC Ocean Divers during October, Stuart Mckenzie and Josh Rayner-Brown. Congratulations to you both. We have a five students close to…


Qualified Ocean Diver at SISAC

Josh Rayner-Brown

Qualified Ocean Diver at SISAC We would like to congratulate Josh Rayner-Brown has recently qualified as an Ocean Diver course. Josh took a little longer to complete his course however due to his enthusiasm and commitment he finaly achieved his goal. I certainly look forward to seeing him at the…


New Ocean Diver at SISAC

Stuart McKenzie

New Ocean Diver at SISAC We would like to congratulate Stuart McKenzie for completing his Ocean Diver course. Well done. Part of his training as a New Ocean Diver the club included the Dry Suit Skill Development Course so he is ready for the cooler waters of Guildenburg and Stoney…


Blue Duck Photography

Blue Duck Photography Taking photographs underwater is seen by many to be a daunting subject. Potentially expensive and difficult to understand. It’s no wonder that people are often put off before they’ve even given it a chance, believing that the route to good underwater photography means that they need to…


Northern Ireland Trip Videos 2018

Northern Ireland

Videos of the Northern Ireland Trip of 2018 These video are linked to my YouTube account. They will also be available from the the narrative of the trip that will be published later. In the videos you will see a great deal of Gareth, not because he is photogenic, but…


DCS Decompression Sickness, Caisson Disease or ‘the bends”

Hyperbaric Chamber for DCI Treatment

Decompression Sickness, Caisson Disease or ‘the bends’   An update regarding DCS popped into my in box a few days ago from DDRC which reminded of a situation experienced by a fellow diver. We teach the effects of DCS and the symptoms however it is not until you read or…


What’s New at SISAC June 2018

June 2018

What’s New at SISAC June 2018 Having not received any content for this post I have been delayed in updating. A note to the Instructors, past and present members, if you want to get involved then contact the Training Officer and he will be grateful of your assistance. The site…