What’s new at SISAC October 2018

What’s new at SISAC October 2018

A brief roundup of club activities during October 2018 and what is coming up.

New Ocean Divers

Pleased to announced we qualified two BSAC Ocean Divers during October, Stuart Mckenzie and Josh Rayner-Brown.

Stuart McKenzie

Stuart McKenzie

Josh Rayner-Brown

Josh Rayner-Brown

Congratulations to you both.

We have a five students close to completing their theory and sheltered water sessions ready for open water in the coming weeks. As we are moving to cooler weather we will be including the Dry Suit SDC (Skill Developement Course) with the Ocean Diver course.

During the remaing of this year, we are in October so time is short, we are planning to attract more new Ocean Divers plus also work with our new Ocean Divers towards Sports Diver.

Blue Duck Photography – 18th November 2018

Don’t miss out on this informative evening.

Taking photographs underwater is seen by many to be a daunting subject. Potentially expensive and difficult to understand. It’s no wonder that people are often put off before they’ve even given it a chance, believing that the route to good underwater photography means that they need to spend a fortune and possess ninja like underwater imaging expertise.

We at SISAC invite you to a presentation by Blue Duck Photography at the One Leisure in St Ives (Find us Here).

Reserve your place via the online form.

The event will be held on Sunday 18th November at 19:00hrs to 21:00*

(7pm – 9pm to you and me)

Members and non-Members welcome

AGM – 11th November 2018

To be held at the One Leisure in the Green Room at 19:00 on the 11th November 2018.
Full members are entitled to voting rights at the meeting.

After the meeting members and non-members are invited to The Marsh Harrier where the first round is on SISAC for members.

Common Renewal

It is time to renew your BSAC membership, if you do not do this directly, and also your SISAC Membership. All membership fees are now processed via BSAC and not the Club Treasurer.The process is simple and straight forward however there may be an anomaly with SISAC fees. If this is the case please forward your confirmation of BSAC membership with a note stating you are from SISAC 0833 to Sandra Crowley at sandrac@bsac.com

Dive Trips 2019

Organising trips is a thankless task. Firstly trying to find a location where members wish to go, raising enthusiasm, collecting deposits only to end up with an under subscribed activity. This leads to the club making up shortfalls or trips being cancelled. This lowers enthusiasm and perpetuates the problem.

It is a well trodden path however I am going to walk it again. “YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!”. Tell the committee where you want to go in 2019 Only feedback to the committee can improve 2019, Be prepared to take a prominent role in organising it.

New with SISAC

This can only become a monthly update if you feed into it. We want to know what you are up to and what you would like to do. Are you new at SISAC?  Don’t be shy, we don’t bite (well most don’t), step forward and pester Instructors to help you through your qualification. Involve them in your training, they enjoy it, that’s why they became Instructors.

Spot something in the Dive Press? Pass it on, let us post it here so all can enjoy it.

Parted with some hard earned cash? Lets celebrate your purchase and work out how we can get the same past our partners. Maybe you will have some tips on this.

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