Skegness Aquarium Visit

The Venue – Sunday 3rd February

Following a visit to the Dive Show, Gareth organised a very different dive trip. A Dive in Skegness Aquarium main fish tank. not a particularly deep dive but definitely different. For those in the club who had not had the chance to experience large aquatic creatures it was a first.

The Location of Skegness Aquarium

Skegness Aquarium is located right on the sea front just past the ‘Clock Tower’ round-a-bout. It is not a huge complex but it is friendly. After checking in we were allowed to go around the complex and view the attractions. Robin even got to win a ‘Treasure” by collecting answers to the questions posted around the exhibits. Some people never grow up its seems.

The complex is well set up and caters for just sufficient numbers so as not to frighten the residents of the tank. Looking at this photograph I am not so sure that was possible

The Gathering

Kitting and Pre-Dive Checks

The changing / kitting area was sufficient for the six SISAC Divers and the Aquarium staff. Nice little 7L steel tanks were provided which at first I thought were going to be too small for my wing and back late. Not a problem. Once briefed and kitted the first three (John, Anna and Robin) went to have the weight check. The photo is of the other group but the procedure was the same.

Weight Checking, shallow pool
Weight Checking

During the weight check you have to submerge with no air in the BCD/Wing and a lung full of air and not float. This is so you can walk around the bottom in comfort.

The Skegness Dive

Once this is done its out and down into the main tank. In the main tank you are surrounded by sharks, rays and an array of others. Moving around the tank under the supervision of the staff, you are on full view to a live audience outside the tank. Hard to know what they were pointing at, tor what we must have looked like. Duration in the main tank was thirty minutes at a depth of around 2.5m. Little or no chance of a DCI I would expect. Once the first three were out the second wave entered to tank.

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Verdict of the day’s visit – Very Good, well run and interesting.


These linked Video are those taken by the Dive Staff while we were in the dives. The Six divers from the Club were Gareth, Robin, Anna, Leigh, John and Suraj. Each video is dedicated to those in the each wave.

Robin, John and Anna

Gareth, Leigh and Suraj

These embedded Video are compilations of all the video taken by the divers.

The 1st Compilation of the Dives
The 2nd Compilation of the Dives
Thank you to Skegness Aquarium for the official video

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