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Skegness AquariumSkegness Aquarium

What is it ? SISAC has secured a booking for 12 at Skegness Aquarium, this will allow those holding a diving qualification to dive in the ‘Shark Tank’.

How does it work ? This is a new activity for SISAC, we have no previous experience of this, so have limited information on what to expect.

From the limited information we currently have.

Qualified divers are welcome to use their own equipment but certain items are not permitted in the tank.
This includes, but is not limited to, twinsets, pony cylinders, knives, lights/strobes, reels and dsmbs.
The Skegness Dive Team reserves the right to refuse items of kit entering the tank.
All personal kit must be rinsed on site before entry.
Qualified divers may bring underwater cameras into the tank with them, however the use of flash photography is strictly prohibited.
Unqualified divers may bring GoPro style action cameras that attach to themselves but must not be actively taking pictures or video.

There is a morning session (arrival 9:50am), and an afternoon session (arrival 13:30pm). Each session is for 6 people.

I suspect you will be split into groups for your ‘dive’ to minimise congestion in the tank.
I also suspect that there is NO swimming, you are sitting on the bottom of the tank.

I want to go – can I?  

Minimum Qualification = Ocean Diver
This activity is targeted at the newer club members, to give them an experience. Remaining space will be taken on a first come first served basis, unless ‘instructors’ are needed.

Booking a space ?

Post your request via the Forum

Please see Treasurer and pay a deposit of £35.00 by BAC or cheque

The Balance will be required no later than the 20th January 2019

What do I need? 

BCD, Regulators and mask. NO fins OR Cylinders OR weights
It is a requirement that the Aquarium provide the weights and cylinders.
They will provide wetsuits free of charge
New qualified Ocean Divers requiring kit to Hire from Rob in kit room and collect prior to the trip
Do Not remove kit without his authorisation and receipt for payment.

(It may be the Aquarium will provide kit FOC, we will keep you advised).

Cost: £70 each
Details: Diving in the Aquarium with sharks and other species

Date Sunday 3rd February 2019
Cost £70.00 (Aquarium Fees)

Vist Skegness Aquarium website

Respond and register your space via the Forum or contact us via the Contact Us page


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