Training Coordinator

Branch Training Co – Ordinator Role

The position is responsible to the Diving Officer (DO) who is responsible for the safety of all members and the conduct of all Divers and Snorkelers in the branch as well as ensuring the accuracy of the training Information and skills.

The training Co- Ordinator Role

  • Arranging a uniform system and standard of training in the classroom, pool and open water. The BSAC Diver Training Programme shall be the basis for a Branch training system.
  • Holding stocks of training support materials / equipment for lesson use: issue them for lessons and recover them afterwards. (Advise Treasurer / Secretary / DO of requirements)
  • Selecting a suitably qualified team of instructors / assistants to implement the system, to assist them with lesson preparation, provide instructional materials, monitor lesson quality and provide instructor development.
  • Arranging to bring students and instructors together at the right place, at the right time, and with the right equipment for training.
  • Requesting members of the Branch Instructor team availability to teach individual lessons.
  • Liaising with the Branch Equipment Officer with regard to equipment needs for lessons.
  • Arranging for lesson reports from instructors, and for the collection of dues levied for use of equipment by students.
  • Supervising the training to see that all is going well, and to monitor the performance of the instructors In conjunction with the DO.
  • Arranging the testing of students when their instructors consider them ready for assessment: advise the Branch Diving Officer when members have completed training and recommend the award of qualifications if relevant.

 Only when a Qualified Instructor is satisfied that a member has reached the required standard for a diving qualification may it be granted by the lead instructor  – DO of the Branch.

  • Ensuring that correct records are kept of training given and tests passed by each student, and seeing that each member’s Qualification Record Book is signed by a     Qualified Instructor, in accordance with the BSAC Instructor Manual.
  • Any other duties relevant to Branch training as required by the Branch Diving Officer.
  • Receiving requests for training from various mediums – SISAC web, Facebook or others linked to SISAC mediums
  • Arranging training events for existing members to progress their skills and qualifications.
  • Receiving requests for Try dives.
  • Arrange for instructors to carry out Try dives in the pool, Assistant instructors under supervision /Dive Leaders and above – OWI’s
  • Ensuring that adult try divers sign the relevant medical form
  • Try divers under the age of 18 years, the consent form is signed by Parent or Guardian of each child taking part if they are taking photos or videos of their own child or group e.g. scouts
  • Arranging training events at club venue/s and open water events for practical skills
  • Keeping training records of trainees and levels achieved, dates of training received, who conducted the training
  • Report issues to the Diving officer or Chairman of any training issues that cannot be resolved or may have implications immediately or at committee meetings
  • Advise the Diving officer of any member who has progressed significantly in their training / instructing for the diver of the year award

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