Recent Visits to Stoney Cove

Sports Diver Training

In the past week there have been two visits to Stoney Cove to progress training for the New Sports Divers. John Holmes who was away in Thailand for a few months has now returned. Whilst he was in Thailand he managed to complete his progression dives to 30m leaving him 35m to complete. This we did at the on the 18th of October. Although the weather was quite good, at 35m in the ‘pit’ it was dark and murky. none the less we managed to conduct a planned 35m dive for 41 minutes. Joining us on that day, though not a part of the training was Swav Szabunia, another club diver actively working towards his Sports Diver Qualification. Swav is a ‘crossover’ from PADI.

John has now fully qualified as a Sports Diver and can participate in club dives to 35m. Well done John.

Most of the members of the club know Charlie Spencer. She is a product of our Ocean Diver course. She is now progressing very well to obtaining her Sports Diver credentials. Already well into the course, the dives on Sunday 21st were her third and fourth Open Water dives for Sports Diver. She did distance line, DSMB, planned decompression and compass work. She had her first visit to Stangarth and really worked hard. Well done Charlie.

We also have some up and coming Ocean Divers who want to extend their skill levels, Stuart and Josh, both newly qualified, but willing to learn more Safe Diving.

Underwater Jedi’s

During the diving we took some video footage. The video makes the conditions look clearer than they actually were. The primary lights being used make it look like they are carrying ‘light ┬ásabres.’

Underwater Jedi’s – The movie

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