Vobster Quay – Radstock Somerset – 26th/27th May 2018

Vobster Quay – Radstock Somerset

26th/27th May 2018


Stayed at the Old Down Inn, Emborough, Radstock, Somerset. Good pub accommodation and situated 8 miles from Vobster Quay (20 minutes’ drive). A range of accommodation can be found around Vobster so getting fixed up is not hard.


This was my first visit to Vobster Quay, and I am glad I went. In comparison to Stoney Cove and Guildenburgh it rates very high. Although a bit of a journey to get there, the site is tucked away nicely off the beaten track. The size of Vobster is not appreciated until you actually arrive at the site. It is big.

View of the quay from outside the Dive Shop. Water depth here is 20m

The layout and facilities are top class and even if you have to park in the upper car park, you have the facility to unload your vehicle before parking. There were able kitting benches and the toilets, changing rooms are spacious and clean. Showering facilities are provided off the changing room, at no extra cost and there was an abundance of hot water. Everything is done on a ID number basis, that number being on the wrist band that is issued when you enter. At the end of the diving day your tab, including any food and drink, is settled in the shop. Air fills, anything you like, are quick and efficient with minimum waiting.The site has multiple depths and lots of training platforms covering all levels. There is deep water entry (20m+) and more shallow slip way for newer divers. Attractions are located at all depths, and 40m is achievable for the more experienced divers.

Visibility was around 10m in total but it is still cold at depth. When I dived they said the visibility was bad, obviously they have not dived regularly in the Cove or Guildenburgh. This was a busy bank holiday weekend in what should be summer, but even then, it was by my standards great.


I was impressed, so much so that I joined and have made plans to go again for another weekend.

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