What’s new with SISAC April 2018

What’s New with SISAC April 2018New with SISAC

Now the current committee is half way through our annual seat I wish to update on whats new with SISAC, the future and reflect on 2017.

As you may have noticed there has been some changes to the website. Launched in December 2017. There has been an emphasis on attracting Try Dive candidates both through normal activities and also an option for someone to Gift a Try Dive. So far this has shown reasonable success producing an average of 2-3 enquirers per week.

A note to the Instructors, past and present members, if you want to get involved then contact the Training Officer and he will be grateful of your assistance.

The site is for you the members also. Any photos, stories or your story would be of interest to members and prospective members. Why does diving “Ring your Bell”.

Advertise the new club number – 01480 708029. Answered by voicemail, responded to by humans. We think.

BSAC provided marketing material for all clubs, free of charge, SISAC took advantage of this and ordered a new banner to be displayed at events we hold. This had it’s first outing during the February Half Term Try Dives.

Dive Trips for 2018

The duration of these are single day, 2-3 day and week holidays, further information can be found on the forum.

We have brought back the day trips to Brighton. These are an excellent way of getting out of the house and not have to go to inland sites. They also serve as a great introduction to newly qualified Ocean Divers.

We have some old favorites booked also. Plymouth, Swanage and Farne Islands. There is also a weeks trip to Ireland and the Scilly Islands.

The committee appreciates that this sport, especially to new Ocean Divers, takes up a reasonable amount of time. To be away for long weekends and in some cases a full week can be difficult. To help with this some single day diving has been arranged.

Let’s summarise and get into the schedule for 2018.

Plymouth Bovisand April

Now closed however direct arrangements may be made with Discovery Divers 01752 492722.

Swanage 19th – 20th May

A two day visit to the south coast where there are sites which can satisfy new and experienced divers. The boat operator, Divers Down, have 3 boats and run a taxi/shuttle service to a site of your choice.

Accommodation would be at http://www.swanageauberge.co.uk/
Auberge is a bunk house with a difference. It is an old house in the centre of Swanage with a large extension on the back with bunk rooms.
Sharing rooms are available inside the house for M-F sharers.
It has a large kitchen and modern shower / toilet facilities in the basement.
One bunk room sleeps 4 in two bunks and the other sleeps 6 albeit a bit cosy, see photos on site.
Cost is approximately £20.00 per night, you would need a sleeping bag.

Diving would be with Divers Down http://www.diversdownswanage.co.uk/
The boats accommodate up to 12 divers.
It would not be a requirement to book the whole boat as they operate a walk on policy.
It would also be possible to split the group across their three boats so people could choose what site they wanted to go to.
If we got in early all sites are possible.
You can see the sites here http://www.diversdownswanage.co.uk/default.aspx?p=boat_charter and the costs.

Farne Islands 25th – 26th – 27th August

Details may be found here.
Sovereign Diving http://sovereigndiving.co.uk/
The Old School House http://www.theoldeschoolhouse.co.uk/

Boat charter for 12 persons is £480 per day, £40.00 per diver per day.
Accommodation is £35.00 per person per night.
A total of £150.00 per person.

Dive Trips 2019

Organising trips is a thankless task. Firstly trying to find a location where members wish to go, raising enthusiasm, collecting deposits only to end up with an under subscribed activity. This leads to the club making up shortfalls or trips being cancelled. This lowers enthusiasm and perpetuates the problem.

It is a well trodden path however I am going to walk it again. “YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU!”. Tell the committee where you want to go in 2019 Only feedback to the committee can improve 2019, Be prepared to take a prominent role in organising it.

In Reflection

In 2017 we had the sad death of Dr. Sarah Miller whilst on holiday. She has been and will continue to be missed by all who had the pleasure of meeting her.

New with SISAC

This can only become a monthly update if you feed into it. We want to know what you are up to and what you would like to do. Are you new at SISAC?  Don’t be shy, we don’t bite (well most don’t), step forward and pester Instructors to help you through your qualification. Involve them in your training, they enjoy it, that’s why they became Instructors.

Spot something in the Dive Press? Pass it on, let us post it here so all can enjoy it.

Parted with some hard earned cash? Lets celebrate your purchase and work out how we can get the same past our partners. Maybe you will have some tips on this.

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